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We believe it is our duty to continue earning your business every day, and that we are only as good as our last job. To do this, we always maintain the highest standards of excellence. We work not just to fulfill your expectations but to exceed them.

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Lawn Sprinkler Repair

Whether you have a system that won’t start or have a broken sprinkler head, Marek Irrigation will gladly assist you with your next sprinkler system repair. Click on the sprinkler repair tab and see how we can save you water with a new system or repair your existing system and get your system watering again in no time.


Drain Installation

A quality drain ensures water doesn't enter your home or business or stand around for days destroying your landscape material and lawn. Do not settle for any company for your drain installation; always trust a professional!

Backflow Anti-Theft Cage Installation

Backflow anti-theft cages provide the security to ensure no one cuts out or steals your backflow device. The installation includes a concrete pad and padlocks to protect your device from theft and vandalism. 

Mosquito Control Systems

Injection systems can utilize your existing lawn sprinkler system and apply any water-soluble substance to your lawn evenly. Whether you want to combat mosquitos, fire ants, and other pests or fertilize your landscape, an Injection System is the most effective way of achieving your goal. 

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Irrigation System Design

We provide custom drawings for residential and commercial projects. Whether you need us to install the irrigation system or only provide the sprinkler design, we will make sure the design provided meets your irrigation needs and will pass review by the city permit office.

Backflow Installation & Replacement

The Backflow assembly is the most critical part of the irrigation system. If your backflow is damaged or cracked, contact us for a licensed installer for replacement.

Backflow Certification

All backflow devices are required to be tested at a minimum of once per year. To keep your backflow compliant, call us to have your backflow device inspected by a licensed backflow certification company. 

Landscape Lighting and Lighting Repair

Lighting works with your landscape to ensure superb aesthetics and create a yard you can be proud of. At Marek Irrigation, we are experts in Landscape Lighting, whether it’s new installations, bulb replacement, or fixture repair.

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