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Drainage Solutions

          A quality drain ensures water doesn't enter your home or business or stand around for days destroying your landscape material and lawn. With your new 4-inch corrugated pipe or optional SDR pipe drain, we can install catch basins in troublesome areas to ensure the water is effectively diverted from your home or business. At Marek Irrigation, we only use high-quality drainage products made by NDSpro in various colors to blend in with surrounding surfaces. 

We Offer:  

  • 4-inch Corrugated or Optional SDR Drain Pipe

  • Channel Drains

  • Catch Basins

  • Downspout Connection

  • 1 Year warranty

  • 4-inch Corrugated or Optional SDR Drain Pipe

  • Corrugated and SDR Pipe

The two options for piping your residential drainage system are corrugated and SDR. The most common homeowner application is to use the corrugated pipe to extend a roof downspout away from the house or add a catch basin in a troublesome area.  However, some homeowners prefer SDR pipe, which is twice as strong and only a few dollars more.

  • Channel Drains

Most hardscapes experience more runoff than landscapes due to the lack of water absorption. NDS Channel Drain systems are an effective and popular solution for hardscaped areas when perimeter drains are needed.

  • Catch Basins

We offer a complete line of NDS catch basins for residential and commercial stormwater management solutions.  Catch basins are available in various colors to blend in with surrounding surfaces. The size and location of your drainage problem will determine what size the catch basin is and whether we use one that is round or square.0

  • Downspout Connection

Downspout Adapters are the connecting link between the downspout and subsurface drainage tubing. The Adapter provides efficient "out-of-site" removal of rooftop runoff.

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Our Drainage crew has installed hundreds of residential drains and will ensure your drainage system works perfectly to remove water from your house and lawn.

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