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Backflow Installation in Houston

Backflow Replacement in Houston Replacement

When your Backflow Preventer, also known as a PVB (Pressurized Vacuum Breaker), malfunctions or leaks, it is imperative that a licensed irrigator fixes it - In fact, it is the law. We never use PVB repair kits as they have a high failure rate; we always use new, quality material and warranty all work done to your backflow device. When we send a licensed irrigator to replace a backflow device, whether it is a pressurized vacuum breaker (PVB), double check assembly (DC), reduced pressure zone assembly (RPZ), or a spill-resistant pressure vacuum breaker (SVB), we always make sure to insulate any exposed pipe and ensure the installation is done correctly.  

We offer the following PVB Backflow assembly services:

  • Frozen pipes

  • Freeze-damaged PVB backflow preventers

  • Wilkins PVB backflow preventers

  • Febco PVB backflow preventers

  • Apollo PVB backflow preventers

  • All major PVB Backflow Assembly brands

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TCEQ fully licenses us to install and repair any backflow device in Texas.

Texas Irrigator's License LI0017025

Backflow Tester License BP0022113

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